The 3rd JrSr International Physician Seminar


The 3rd JrSr International Physician Seminar for Students & Residents

第3回 JrSr 国際教育者による学生・研修医セミナー

THEME:“Japanese medical education; challenge to the USA and to AI in future”.

The unique strengths of this seminar include 1) international passionate clinician-educators living in Japan, 2) small group interactive sessions ( including USMLE mock oral interview), 3) emphasizing basic clinical skills (history and physical) and communication skills, and 4) potentially an excellent step to the US training.

The key for success of this seminar is not JrSr, not teachers but it is yourself. You should and can enjoy the seminar by discussion, communication and participation in the seminar, by teaching and learning each other, and by making many friends. Do not hesitate to speak up, let’s stand up, and participate. It is your seminar for improvement, globalization, prosperity and dream for your future career and your life.




【講 師】

◆Joel Branch, BSc, MB BS, MRCP (UK)
Director of Internal Medicine Education & Simulation Skills Training, Shonan Kamakura General Hospital

◆George W. Meyer, MD MACP MACG
Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California at Davis School of Medicine
”技術がどんなに進歩しても、人間のH&P examには代われない”

◆Graham I. Warden, M.D., C.P.E.,
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force Commander, 374th Medical Operations Squadron; Executive Sponsor of Yokota Japanese Physician Fellowship Program, 374th Medical Group, Yokota Air Base, Japan

◆Carrick Burns, MD, FAAD
Executive Program Director, Japanese National Physician GME Program
USNH Yokosuka

◆Ivor Cammack, MBChC, FRNZCGP
Co-Director Residency Training Program, Teine Keijinkai Hospital
General Practitioner, Niseko International Clinic



Junji Machi, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S.
Professor of Surgery;Director of Japanese Affiliated Programs, Office of Global Health & Medicine, JABSOM, University of Hawaii; Founder, JrSr Corporation




0830-0900: Welcome remarks and self introduction
0900-1200: Small group Cyclones (50 min session X 3 rotations in the morning, 10 min break between)
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1400: Small group Cyclone (4th)
1400-1500: Open Discussion/ Q+A
1500-1600: Informal meeting (in group of each teacher or person-to-person)

【会 場】順天堂大学センチュリータワー北6階 〒113-0033 東京都文京区本郷2丁目1−1

【定 員】40名(学生・初期研修医・後期研修医)
※Doctor who wants to be a future facilitator may join with an observer ticket.


【締 切】3月10日あるいは定員に達し次第

【主 催】一般社団法人JrSr

【共 催】順天堂大学医学部
【後 援】ハワイ大学医学部

【事務局】一般社団法人JrSr  伊藤きよ枝
〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-20-14銀座NKビル8F 
電話:03-6825-8008(月水金1000-1700) FAX:03-3538-3552


★peatix help 領収証について


THEME: Simulated Patient Scenarios
FACILITATOR: Dr. Joel Branch
CONTENT: Participants (You!) must race against time to obtain the history and physical examination from the simulated patient (SP) - Dr. Branch - in English! You must use your skills in history taking, physical examination and clinical deduction to ascertain the diagnosis and start life-saving treatments - all within the allotted time. The SP is not going to make it easy for you! Can you get the diagnosis and start the life-saving treatments before the time runs out? Each session will have a different diagnostic challenge!
·Learning colloquial English medical words that Western patients will use and understand.
·Development of effective communication skills with Western patients.
·Understanding that the use of a Review of Systems sheet can speed up the history taking process, especially when the patient does not mention additional symptoms.
·Appreciating how a Western physician thinks in order to make decisions about patient care with few results available. This would apply when patients may be critical, and when emergent treatment is essential.

THEME: Case based presentations and discussion with emphasis on differential diagnosis methodology, pathophysiology, and ethics
FACILITATORS: Drs. George Meyer and Graham Warden
CONTENT: Interactive case presentations involving gastroenterology and radiology.
We hope to be able to help guide interested students and physicians to help them successfully get to the United States!

THEME: Applied Medical Interviewing in English
FACILITATOR: Dr. Carrick Burns
CONTENT: coming soon!

THEME: Essential Apps for your Medical Education – And how to use them!
FACILITATOR: Dr. Ivor Cammack
CONTENT:We will introduce you to some simple apps for your phone or tablet, which you can download and start to use immediately to help you learn more from your patients.
Using a case-based approach, we will use these apps to discover more about your patient, extend your differential diagnosis, understand their condition better, and record notes which you will never lose. This will be an interactive session. Usually during class, it’s rude to use your phone – this time we will encourage it!
Medicine is about lifelong learning, and the sooner you can develop some of these habits the better. With easy access to our phones, we can use these powerful tools to our benefit. The age of AI is here – medical education in Japan may be old fashioned, but you can enter the 21st century on your own, and start making use of the technology available.

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Sun Mar 24, 2019
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM JST
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医学生 ¥6,000
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